Tips & Tools

A selection of Mindful Cricket tools in video and download formats - including resources described in the Book and Workbook. Just click on the Tool name below to view it.

What's the Power of Your Game Mindset?

Self-assess your cricket mindset to identify strengths, development opportunities and potential derailers. View the video and download the short-form self assessment.

The Blue Zone. How to Find your Own Unique Game Mindset

The 'Blue Zone' mindset is that sense of being in control of your game. Of bowling with rhythm and natural control of line, length and variation, and batting with such confidence you see the ball early and strike it easily through the gaps in the field. Discover what triggers or blocks you from playing at your best.

1-2-3 Reset Your Concentration. Batting

Whether you are batting, bowling, fielding, or keeping there’s a simple ritual you can use to switch on concentration. Learn how top performers create their rituals to trigger the on and off switch so they focus under pressure when they need it the most.

Create Your 90-Day Performance Road Map

Create a bold vision for your game, and then refine that into a 90 Day Performance Road Map (see the Mindful Cricket book for the work on bold vision). Here is the template you need to create your 90 day Performance Plan to achieve, develop, enjoy and partner.

Choose Bold Goals. The Seven Point Goal Setting Tool

Clear goals give you the sense of direction, purpose and priority to persevere and achieve success when things are tough. Watch the brief video, download the Tool and then take your time to work through the seven steps to choose your goals and map out the pathway to success.

How to Keep it Simple. Use Go-to-Plans

It's easy to make the game complicated when we want to keep it simple. If you are looking for a way to keep it simple in the moments that matter, then the answer is likely to be a Go-to-Plan built on three mindful practices: (1) Back to basics (2) Play to your Strengths (3) Apply Pressure to Opponents.

Want Composure? Begin With Stillness

A great way to build consistency into your game is to stay 'level' in your emotions, rather than reacting to the highs and lows. Many cricketers find this difficult to do, however all you need to do is have the patience to discover and practice stillness. Find a quiet uninterrupted place to listen to the audio where you'll receive instructions for a ten minute activity.

Quieten Your Inner Critic

We learn to grip the bat, get our head in line with the ball, catch with soft hands and move through the crease when bowling. However, with few exceptions, we never learn how to quieten the inner critic who points out our limitations and mistakes. This tool guides you step-by-step through better understanding and quietening your inner critic.

Defeat the Fear of Failure. Try a Fear Setting Exercise

Fear Setting is about facing your fears by specifically listing what you fear and what might happen as a consequence. It was created by  Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, and it’s very popular with high performers from athletes to Wall Street traders and fighter pilots. Here is a link direct to Fear Setting by Tim Ferriss, or you can access an adapted version of the tool by clicking on the title above.

Make Adaptive Thinking a Weekly Habit

This Tool provides a video which walks through the activity described in Chapter 9. Adapt Fast of the Mindful Cricket book. On the video you will find step-by-step guidance to applying the Plan-Do-Check-Adapt (PDCA) learning loop to improving your cricket skills over a four week period.

Design Your Game Readiness Plan

Mindful Cricket is about performing consistently, and one of the most reliable ways to create consistency is good preparation. Are you ready to sharpen up your Game Readiness Plan? Watch the video and download the toolsheets which summarise the process described in Chapter 17. ‘Be Game Ready’ in the Mindful Cricket Book and the Workbook