Five Things to Know About Mindful Cricket

Our Founder

Mindful Cricket is the creation of Graham Winter, a former First Class Cricketer, three-times Chief Psychologist for the Australian Olympic Team, and Consultant to the ICC Academy Global Level 3 Coaches Program. Graham is also the best selling author of Think One Team and founder of management consultancy Think One Team Consulting (

The Start

The Mindful Cricket Book and Workbook were our first products. They fully explain the Game Mindset formula (Clear Mind; Play Brave; Play Clever; Play Better) which underpins all our resources, courses and programs. Game Mindset was created by studying the 'mindset enemies' of cricketers that take away fun and success, and instead create frustration and disappointment. Those enemies include distraction, fear of failure and overthinking. Our Fast Start Course explains these enemies in detail.


Cricket Brains

A group of experienced cricket coaches to offer feedback and advice as we built the Mindful Cricket method. It's not possible to recognise them all here but people like Ashley Ross, Head Coach ICC Academy for many years, Greg Shipperd, championship winning Coach Sydney Sixers BBL franchise, Tom Jones, founder of the UK-based Coaching 365 platform, Shaun Siegert, High Performance Program Lead for Root Academy, Associate Professor Ian Renshaw from QUT, and Tharaka Samaratunga, High Performance Coach Educator, Sri Lanka Cricket.

Rigorous Testing

We developed and tested our method, including the eight week Mindful Cricket High Performance Program with the Root Academy High Performance Program, which gave us feedback from players and coaches from all around the cricketing world. These programs are continuing to be refined and applied with Clubs, Schools and Academies.

Transforming Cricket Coaching

We believe that cricket coaching is on the cusp of a major, and overdue transformation. Leading coaches and players want more than conventional net practice methods, so we've been testing coaching tools and approaches which bring leading edge thinking in agile learning, adaptive leadership and performance psychology. You can access some of that thinking through our High Performance Program and online Tools. Expect a lot more to come as we challenge the status quo.

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