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Welcome to our Insights & Articles section. Here you'll find a selection of articles and informative guides about Mindful Cricket for players and coaches.

1. Introduction to Mindful Cricket

Here's a quick introduction from Graham Winter to the why, what and how of Mindful Cricket. Learn why no one masters the game of cricket with the wrong mindset, and everyone can play better with a Game Mindset. VIEW HERE

2. See Inside The Mindset of Cricketers

Test your game mindset with these three questions. (1) Do You Own Your Space? (2) Do You Hold Your Shape? (3) Can You Self Correct? Learn to ‘see’ the mindset of other players, and to strengthen your own. VIEW HERE

3. What's Your Go-To-Plan In Moments That Matter?

Do you need a way to ‘keep it simple’ in the moments that matter, such as starting your innings or when momentum has shifted? Learn how Go-to-Plans might be the answer you've been seeking. VIEW HERE

4. Game Mindset. Like A Batting Stance For Your Mind

You couldn’t imagine a batsman without a stance. So why not create a stance for your mind? That stance is your Game Mindset. It’s simple, balanced and gets you game ready. It is the key to playing Mindful Cricket. VIEW HERE

5. Greatest Opponent? The Inner Critic

Everyone has an inner critic. Here is the opportunity to bring the inner critic out in the open and to challenge those negative, self defeating thoughts that take the fun and achievement out of the game. VIEW HERE

6. How To Win The Moments That Matter

Success in cricket, as in life, is about bringing Your best to the moments that matter.  Learn four key strategies to step up when the opportunity is there to do something special, and not be left feeling disappointed. VIEW HERE

7. Frustrated By Inconsistency? Learn To Own Your Zone

Have you put in the work on your technique and know you have the talent but it’s just not coming together in better results? You already have the answer, but chances are you haven’t created the habits you need to get the results you deserve. VIEW HERE

8. Five Common Mistakes Of Sports Parents

Our children are bombarded by social media messages designed to get them to trigger emotional reactions.  Sport offers a way to build children’s self worth and resilience but only if parents play their part. VIEW HERE

9. Brief Introduction to Mindfulness

Are you interested in mindfulness and keen to find some other resources?

Here is a brief introduction to the topic and some handy links to books, courses and other information. VIEW HERE