Mindful Cricket Essentials

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What's Essential?

We play our best cricket - or do our best anything - when we bring a GAME MINDSET

  • Clear Mind - composed, focused and keeping it simple
  • Play Brave - looking for ways to succeed (not avoid failure)
  • Play Clever - reading the game and making smart decisions
  • Play Better - well prepared and open to learn

Mindful Cricket Essentials includes the book, workbook, articles and tools, and short courses to help players and coaches create the mindset they need to be the best cricketers they can be. 

Book & Workbook

The Mindful Cricket Book and Mindful Cricket Workbook are the step-by-step guides to creating the mindset you need to be the best cricketer you can be. 

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Mindful Cricket Tools

Simple practical tools in the form of videos and downloads (many from the Mindful Cricket book and Workbook) to apply immediately to improve your game.

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Insights & Articles

Need ideas on how to bring out your best, or to coach your squad? Explore our insights, articles and resources.

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Short Courses

After creating the Fast Start and High Performance Programs we are now releasing Short Courses on a regular basis. Check them out to train your mindset to play Mindful Cricket.

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Interested to know more about Mindful Cricket Courses & Programs?
Explore our Fast Start and High Performance Programs

Fast Start Course

Mindful Cricket Fast Start is the perfect foundation course for any cricketer who wants practical tools and step-by-step guides to improve their mental game.

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High Performance Program

Mindful Cricket High Performance Program is the proven eight week program for individual players, and for squads and coaches to really take their mindset to a new level.

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