Introducing Mindful Cricket 

Graham Winter, Performance Psychologist


If you are reading this you are most likely a cricket lover - perhaps a player, coach, parent, official, former player, spectator or maybe all of the above.

I'm Graham Winter, the founder of Mindful Cricket and I'd like to give you a quick introduction to the why, what and how of Mindful Cricket. 



Why Mindful Cricket?

Every outstanding cricketer understands that the mind is the secret to playing better cricket and yet cricket has a serious problem. Our traditional approach to practising and playing the game leaves players ill-equipped to master the mental game of cricket.



They’re students, parents and business people who every day face down the same ‘mindset enemies’ as they confront on the cricket ground.

They’re reactive instead of composed, distracted when they want to be focused, and their thinking is jumbled when they want it to be simple.

Mindful Cricket isn’t just a cricket skill it’s a life skill.

What is Mindful Cricket?

Mindful Cricket is about one thing that powers a thousand other things: mindset. No one masters the game of cricket with the wrong mindset, and everyone can play better with a Game Mindset.

Game Mindset is your formula to be the best you can be…

That formula is your unique Game Mindset.

  • Clear Mind - composed, focused, keeping it simple and adapting fast
  • Play Brave - bold vision, putting it on the line, and holding the tension
  • Play Clever - doing the ‘brilliant basics’ while absorbing and applying pressure
  • Play Better - bringing a growth mindset, game ready and optimistic

Game Mindset is like the batting stance. It’s simple, balanced and gets you game ready. It is the key to playing Mindful Cricket.


How to Play Mindful Cricket?

That’s what the Mindful Cricket book, Workbook and all the ever growing tools and resources are intended to help you to do. To help you create the Game Mindset you need to be the best cricketer (and person) you can be.

We’ve been busy building the foundation and there are exciting developments to come in our courses, international partnering with Academies and the power of a network of cricket lovers from across the world.

Welcome! There are exciting times ahead and plenty of resources to explore and use right now.

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