Game Mindset. Like a Batting Stance For Your Mind 

Graham Winter, Performance Psychologist

Is Mindset Limiting Your Cricket Success?

Do bowlers pressure you into making mistakes, or do you put pressure on yourself and play the big shot once too often? Have you been dismissed recently by your own poor concentration? Did you have the batsmen pinned down and then just release the pressure with a loose delivery? 



Things Can Be Different

If you are frustrated, or optimistic that there’s more to your game, then things can be different. More runs, wickets, catches and fun.

For this to happen consistently, you need a simple, reliable ‘formula’ to clear your mind of doubt or distraction so you can master the game in even the toughest of circumstances.

That formula is your Game Mindset and it’s like a good batting stance. A framework onto which everything else is attached. A good stance is balanced, simple and gets you ready to play the ball.

You couldn’t imagine a batsman without a stance. So why not create a stance for your mind?

That stance is your Game Mindset. It’s simple, balanced and gets you game ready. It is the key to playing Mindful Cricket.


The Key to Your Game

Watch the top players closely and you’ll see their mindset is built on four ‘pillars’:

CLEAR MIND. Composed, focused, keeping it simple and adapting fast

PLAY BRAVE. Putting it on the line, and holding the tension

PLAY CLEVER. Bringing cricket smarts to their game

PLAY BETTER. Applying a growth mindset, game ready and optimistic

How’s Your Mind Stance? Reliable or Unreliable?

Reflect on your recent performances by asking yourself these four questions:

  1. Did you bring a Clear Mind, or was it scrambled and over-reactive?

  2. Did you Play Brave by taking on the game, or were you too reckless or too tentative?

  3. Did you Play Clever by doing the basics well, or did you make some ‘dumb’ decisions?

  4. Did you Play Better by learning and adapting fast, or did the conditions get the better of you?

You Can Train Your Game Mindset

Most cricketers and coaches spend 90% of their time working on technique, which doesn't make sense, because it’s not technique or talent holding them back. It’s mindset.

Even the best players have flaws in their techniques - just look at Steve Smith or Jasprit Bumrah. And yet, despite those flaws, they score runs and take wickets on a regular basis in all forms of the game.

Technique and talent are overrated. Clear, confident composed minds make runs and take wickets. Filling your mind with thoughts about technique or striving to get better won’t help if you don’t start with the right mindset. Go to the nets with the wrong mindset and you’ll grip the bat too tight, meet high catches with hard hands, and lose bowling rhythm by trying too hard.

Here Are Your Actions

You can train every aspect of your Game Mindset so it becomes more reliable in those moments that matter. Just apply the principles and practices of Mindful Cricket starting with three simple steps:

Step 1. Regularly check on the mindset you are bringing to the game by using the four questions above (Clear Mind? Playing Brave? Playing Clever? Playing Better?)

Step 2.  Assess your Game Mindset using the one page self assessment which you can download for free in the Tools section.

Step 3. Get into a daily habit of practising at least one mindset skill by using the Mindful Cricket tools.

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