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Please note: Mindful Cricket courses are currently paused as we assess future plans. We appreciate your understanding and will provide updates as soon as possible.

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We help cricketers to develop the mindset they need to be the best cricketers they can be ... and we
equip coaches with leading edge methods and tools to train and develop the mindset of players.

Come and explore Mindful Cricket Essentials for books, tools, short courses & resources, and the Fast Start Course and High Performance Program for accelerated development of players, coaches and squads.

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How do you create the mindset you need to be the best cricketer you can be?

The answer is in Mindful Cricket Essentials where you can develop your 'Game Mindset' through short courses, free tools, articles and resources.

Also find out how to get your copies of Graham Winter's breakthrough Mindful Cricket Book and Workbook.

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Make a Fast Start

Every cricketer deserves a simple, practical way to train and develop the mental skills to master their game.

The Mindful Cricket Fast Start Course is your starting point in the form of a 20 day online course (one topic delivered every five days) packed with tools and activities to get you on the pathway to being the best cricketer you can be.

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Create High Performance

Are you a coach or player who wants to develop a high performance cricket mindset but don't know how?

Mindful Cricket High Performance Program weaves mindset training into cricket training.

Take your game or your Club, School or Academy to the next level by making mental skills an integral part of your program.

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The Secret is Game Mindset

This is the mindset of players who consistently perform near their best in the big moments.

Clear Mind - composed, focused in the moment, simple plans and adapting fast

Play Brave - bold goals, putting it on the line and holding the tension

Play Clever - knowing your game, understanding the game and making smart choices

Play Better - applying a growth mindset, being ready and optimistic

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Are you a Coach who knows there's a better way to train cricketers?

The Mindful Cricket High Performance Program might be what you've been wanting for a long time!

You can guide your Team or Squad through the program, or even get one designed specifically for your Club, School or Academy.

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Is Mindset the Breakthrough You Need?

Mindful Cricket Fast Start Course is the quick and easy foundation to take your game to a new level.


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