Mindful Cricket Short Courses

 Easy to apply tools and practices to make mindset your competitive advantage

About Short Courses

Mindful Cricket Short Courses give you the practical tools and step-by-step guides you need to improve your mental game.

Each course tackles a specific need and skillset, and is delivered through videos, audios and downloadable worksheets so you can easily apply the tools and practices in the nets and matches.

(Courses are delivered 100% online and divided into easy-to-consume lessons. Enrol when you want and have access to all materials for 14 days from launch)

Play Brave. Lean into the Fear of Failure and Go Towards Success

Play Brave is letting go of the fear of failure and trusting your abilities. Learn how to build your confidence to go towards success in this short course from our High Performance Program.

Get the Play Brave Short Course - $19.95

Play Clever. Set Smart Strategies & Make Clever Choices.

Learn how to absorb and apply pressure with the bat with tactics like playing to the gaps, turning over strike and playing brave. And become the bowler who outsmarts and outlasts the batter. Improve your 'cricket smarts' with this course from our High Performance Program.

Get the Play Clever Short Course - $19.95

Play Better. Bring a Growth Mindset and Optimism to Even the Toughest of Challenges

Are self-limiting beliefs holding you back from being the cricketer and person you want to be? Learn to defeat those limiting beliefs by applying a growth mindset and bringing optimism to your cricket.

Get the Play Better Short Course - $19.95

Reset and Hold Concentration in the Moment

Do you get distracted or lose concentration just when you feel you are getting on top of your game? Learn to focus your attention like a spotlight, and to bring it back when needed. 

Get the Reset and Hold Concentration Short Course - $19.95

Create Simple Go-to-Plans Which Hold up Under Pressure

Learn to deliver under pressure with this short course from our High Performance Program which teaches you how to create simple and effective Go-to-Plans for those moments that matter.

Get the Create Simple Go-to-Plans Short Course - $24.95

Want to Really Take Charge of Your 'Mental Game'?

Cricketers train for technique and for fitness, and now there are two Mindful Cricket programs designed to train your mind in much the same way.


High Performance Program

For serious players (and coaches/squads) the High Performance Program offers a thorough eight week online program which is used by leading Academies and Schools.

Create High Performance

Fast Start Course

The foundation course in Mindful Cricket suits players at all levels and offers game changing topics to learn about game mindset, and bring out your best in the moments that matter.

Fast Start Course