Mindful Cricket High Performance Program

For Players Who Are Serious About Taking Their Game to a New Level

You know what we're talking about: cricket is played above the shoulders but no one equips players and coaches to do something practical about it.

That's why we set out to find a way to train mindset and cricket at the same time.

It's called Mindful Cricket High Performance Program and it's a proven eight week program for individual players, and for squads and coaches to really take their mindset to a new level.

About the Program 

Mindful Cricket High Performance was developed from our work with the Root Academy High Performance Program.

It is delivered as an eight week online course for Players, and for Squads with Coach support (including a detailed Coaching Manual and week-by-week coaching guides).

What Skillsets Are Covered?

  • Week One. Mindful Cricket. Unlock the power of a Game Mindset
  • Week Two. Discover the potential of your Game Mindset
  • Week Three. Cultivate composure for the moments that matter
  • Week Four. Reset and hold concentration in the moment
  • Week Five. Create simple Go-to-Plans which hold up under pressure
  • Week Six. Play Brave. Lean into the fear of failure and go towards success 
  • Week Seven. Play Clever. Set smart strategies and make clever choices
  • Week Eight. Play Better. Bring a growth mindset and optimism to even the toughest of challenges

What does the Program Cost?

The program is great value for individual players and coaches who can enrol for $95.00pp which gives you personal access to the weekly online resources in audio, video and workbook format for the full eight week program, and an additional 14 days following completion.

Get the High Performance Program - $95

Can a Squad Do the Program?

The High Performance Program is popular with School and Academy Squads.

We provide coaching support including Resource Manuals, Session Guides and even tailoring of content and workshops with Graham Winter as required.

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