Mindful Cricket Fast Start Course

Five Online Topics - Delivered over Twenty Days - Transform Your Approach to the Game

Imagine having the calm, composed and confident mindset you need to be the best cricketer you can be.

  • Trusting in your game when it matters
  • Playing brave in the big moments
  • Quick to adapt in any situation
  • Making the most of your ability

That's Mindful Cricket so why not make the Fast Start Course your first step towards being the cricketer you want to be?

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About the Course

Mindful Cricket Fast Start is the perfect foundation course for any cricketer (or coach) who wants practical tools and step-by-step guides to improve their mental game.

You will receive five online topics with eighteen separate lessons delivered over twenty days (one topic every five days). In each topic Graham Winter gives you the insights, daily practices and inspiration to get started on the road to Mindful Cricket.

What You'll Learn

Over twenty days, using a mix of digital learning and in-the-field exercises, you will learn:

  • Why Game Mindset can unlock your cricket potential
  • How to assess your Game Mindset strengths 
  • How to build consistency by owning your space and holding your shape
  • Simple mindfulness practices to build composure
  • How to win in the moments that matter by keeping it simple
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How the Course is Structured

Every aspect of the Course is designed to ensure you don't just learn about Mindful Cricket, you make it an essential part of your game.

On enrolment you'll receive the Welcome and a new Topic every five days with core tools and techniques in easy-to-understand online lesson packages including Videos (explaining the why, what and how), downloadable Worksheets and Audio Guides.

The full Course extends over twenty days and you will have access to all content and materials for an additional 14 days from completion of the final Topic.

Best of all, Mindful Cricket Fast Start gives you practical tools to immediately use in the nets and in matches to transform your approach to the game.

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There's something incredibly exciting about taking the first step towards self improvement. 

Join the Fast Start Course to learn practical ways to be more comfortable and confident with your game (and with yourself). 

The skills and tools you will learn aren't just cricket skills to apply in the nets and matches, they are also skills to apply in study, work and life.

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